Description: This article will help you to know how to use baby Bjorn carrier and bassinet safely. Read below to know the tips and techniques.

Are you a first-time parent? Do you have the baby Bjorn carrier but don’t know how to use? Though it is the best among all other available carriers, the wearing process has a little bit complex. Following a wrong process can make you warmer as well as your baby too.

By the way, the baby carrier is developed in consultation with the best consultant and also from the best quality fabric; you can mistake if you don’t follow Bjorn carrier instructions accurately.

Here, in this article, you’re going to know how easily you can use baby Bjorn carrier and bassinet.

How to use the Baby Bjorn carrier with a newborn?

For a mom or a dad, using baby Bjorn carrier is easy by following baby Bjorn original carrier instructions. 

Step 1: It is the best practice to use upper newborn height for the newborn baby. You have to check always that the zipper is closed. 

Use of Baby Bjorn - Step 1

Step 2: Baby Bjorn newborn leg position is another important thing to be considered when you put on the Bjorn original carrier. You can use wide leg position, but the best practice is to use normal leg position. Later we’ll discuss in details.

How to Use - Step 2

Step 3: Now, another question on how to put on baby Bjorn original carrier that will harm no to the baby! No tension. You can just put on your baby carrier original like a pullover sweater. 

How to Use - Step 4

Step 4: Except placing the back

yoke under the shoulder blades.

How to Use- Step 4

Step 5: Now, tie the waist belt to the back so that it can tighten the straps by pulling. Hence, you will get a sound when it is locked.

How to Use - Step 5

Step 6: After tightening the waist belt, lose the shoulder straps of the buckles by lifting the outer edge. Then, unbutton the head support on both sides by pushing button on the belt and pulling upwards.

How to Use - Step 6

Step 7: Now you have to unbutton the safety buckles on one side of the baby carrier. Push the button and pull the carrier to the downwards.

How to Use - Step 7

Step 8: As you have completed of putting on the baby carriers, now it’s time to place your baby in the baby carrier. The baby will be facing you with the legs on either side of the front. The arms will be through to the armholes of the carriers.

How to Use Baby B​​​​jorn Bassinet

Step 9: After placing your love in the carrier, tighten the safety buckle. Then, tighten the head support of the carrier on both sides. Check all the straps of the carrier (as the below images) so that you can be tension free.

How to Use Baby B​​​​jorn Carrier

However, you should be conscious of tightening the leg straps on both sides if your baby is less than 4.5 kg, but you want to carry with the baby carrier.

How to wear baby carrier facing out?

Baby Bjorn front facing instructions for the parents will help them to place the baby in the right place. The perfect place for placing the baby at such a distance so that you can kiss it. Also, it is a great feeling to see your baby when you’re busy with another work.

Remember that Bjorn Carrier front facing age is limited from the newborn to the 36 months. But it is better to face inwards till 15 months which helps to snuggle between you and the baby.

However, you can place your baby facing outwards at the age of 15 months which lets it see the outer environment.

On the other hand, from the age of 12 months, the baby will be able to be carried in the back of you.

How to choose leg position?

Baby Bjorn newborn position for the leg is quite important when placing it into the carrier. It is a wise decision to use the normal leg position by opening or closing the zips of the carrier.

leg position

But, when it is time to use wide leg position, carry your baby on the back and never forget to lock the zips.

How to remove your child from baby Bjorn carrier?

Removing baby from Bjorn carrier is easy. But you have to follow the instructions before removing. However, you have to decide first how you want to remove the baby.

At first, release the leg straps from a baby carrier. Then, loosen the head support buckles and unfasten the shoulder straps. Now, unlock the safety buckles from both sides to remove the baby.

remove baby

On the other hand, you have to open the front sides of the baby Bjorn carrier if you want to lift out your sleeping baby without waking from sleep.

How to wash baby Bjorn Carrier?

Baby Bjorn carrier is washable with washing machine. But, don’t wash it with other clothes or instruments. To wash the carrier, use bleach-free, a gentle and eco-friendly detergent which won’t harm.

However, it is better to use a washing bag to clean but never try a drying cabinet.

Safety tips of using Baby Bjorn Carrier

  • Make sure that you’re following the instructions provided by the carrier. Along with the instructions, you can follow the following safety tips to avoid any risk:
  • Only adults should use the baby carrier to carry baby or child. Also, not more than one child at a time should be carried in a carrier.
  • A child weighing 3.5 to 15 kg can be carried through the baby carrier. Excess weight can turn the carrier wrecking.
  • Your child must have enough space to breath in the carrier. The nose and the mouth should have enough space to move so that he or she can feel relaxed.
  • All the straps and buckles should have tightened perfectly.
  • You can use the carrier while walking, sitting or standing. But never dare to use the baby carrier while you are playing.
  • Make sure that you are not dressing warm clothes to your kid.
  • Check frequently that the kiddy feels comfortable and secured. If anything isn’t going well, change it. Your baby is the priority.
  • Never use a damaged carrier at all. It can harm your baby in the long run.
  • Comfort is essential for both the parent and the child. If anyone feels uncomfortable, it’ll affect the other.

And the most important thing for the baby is that the spine of the baby is supported adequately.

How to Use Baby Bjorn Bassinet?

A bassinet is a convenient sleeping place for the first few weeks of the kid. The bassinet is somehow like to cradle but a smaller size. So to use Bjorn bassinet, follow the following instructions:

  • At first, insert the cross braces into the leg side of the hole and tighten with the screw. But, don’t insert wrong braces into the wrong hole that will weaken the strength and lead it to break.
  • Now, hook one end of the rod of the carrier over small indentation at the end of the cross brace. Also, the other hook will be used for another end of the brace.
  • Then, insert ends of the cradle support rod through the holes of the curved leg section.
  • Tighten the knobs screw over the threaded ends of the cradle support Rod.
  • Place your baby bassinet on the stand. The floorboard of the bassinet must be fitted with the lower road of the cradle.
  • Finally, place the mattress on the Bassinet where your baby can sleep. Never dare to use bassinet without a mattress for which your kiddy can suffocate.

Safety tips of using Baby Bjorn Bassinet

Using bassinet is easy, but you’ll get more if you follow the following tips:

  • Never bassinet a car bed that might cause your baby seriously injured.
  • Keep bassinet away from all heating sources such as stoves, campfires, heaters, and fireplaces.
  • The baby could fall or could be seriously injured if you remove bassinet from the stand with a baby in it. So, don’t do it to secure your kiddy.
  • Don’t keep bassinet near to open windows if the baby can crawl or sit.
  • Don’t use the bassinet if your baby weighs 18 lbs. The overweight can cause the injury to your baby.

You may pick the original manual for the Bjorn carrier 

Summing Up

Baby Bjorn Carrier is still the best for its fabric, price, and usability. You can get the most value from it's among thousands of available in the market. But, it’ll be better for you to consult your doctor to get advice about what is the perfect carrier.

On the other hand, Baby Bjorn Bassinet will give you the auspicious opportunity to co-sleep with your loved one. However, baby Bjorn is still the synonyms for a baby carrier to many people. Though it is usable for up to 25 pounds, It’ll be beneficial for your infant.

Enjoy parenting.

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