How To Set Up A Bassinet – Simple Steps

Are you making a list of newborn baby’s accessories? Certainly, as an expectant mother or a mother of a newborn baby, you will enlist bassinet in that list. A bassinet is an essential bed that is used for specifically newborn babies up to their four months. The smaller size makes a bassinet portable.

Moreover, it is like a mobile basket; you can keep it in your touch while you are sleeping at night. You can also place it wherever you want in your home. If you want to set up a bassinet by yourself, you have to know about design and set up the process of a bassinet.

How to set up a Bassinet

Design of a bassinet

The structure of a bassinet typically is like a basket which works with four fixed legs or casters. Moreover, it’s a bed with a frame of metal, wood or plastic tubing. In addition, you can use the attached hood or cover of fabric which is used to block the light while the baby is sleeping. Again, you can keep accessories on the shelf underneath.

Equipment to set up

• 4 castors

• 1 stand

• Four metal tubes or stands

• 1 hardboard

• Four metal brackets

• Sheet, Mattress, pillow

Steps to set up a bassinet

It’s not a difficult task to set up a bassinet. Follow the steps bellow for the guidance for set up.

Step 1: Attach castor

Firstly, attach the castors into the ends of the metal tubes. There are four wheels available for four stands. Hence, make sure that the castors roll freely so that you can move your portable bassinet according to your convenience.

Step 2 : Align leg properly

Next, align these four legs into the oval shaped stand. In addition, don’t forget to check all support legs to assure they are properly locked to the frame to avoid any accident. So fix the stands carefully into their exact point.

How to set up a Bassinet

Step 3 : Make a rim and solid surface by hardboard

There are two smaller metal brackets which are used to create a rim of the bassinet inside the bassinet. So, lock the two sides of the oval shaped hardboard on those brackets with the help of screws and a screwdriver. This is because the hardboard is the base of the bed. However, make sure it has a smooth and solid surface along with a smooth surface.

Step 4 : Make a shelf

Next, attach the bigger metal brackets into, the lower part of the four stands to make a shelf underneath. Here, you can use hardboard or a cloth to make that shelf. Thus, you can use this shelf to keep baby’s accessories.

Step 5 : Cover with cloth

Then, now cover and lock the bed area with a cloth. Besides, pull on the sides of the fabric liner to ensure it fits snugly.

Step 6 : Arrange it with mattress and pillow

Next, spread one sheet or mattress on the hardboard and keep a pillow to complete your baby’s bed. It will be better if you keep the thickness of the foam 2-inch. Finally, keep this material little larger than the bottom of the rim.

Step-7 : Attach the hood

Lastly, attach the hood by locking the buttons provided on two sides of the hood with one of the bigger brackets. There is a specific point to attach that hood. Thus, your set up of a bassinet is complete.

Tips that you need to remember

· Don’t keep a bassinet wheels unlocked around stairs or other children.

· Never move or carry a bassinet when your child is inside the bassinet.

· Do not place your bassinet near a window especially when you are not there.

· Do not attach any animal or toys with your bassinet.

· While choosing the sheet and the blanket ensure that those are lightweight and you can tuck them in firmly.

· Never use the U-shaped pillow. Your baby might get slipped down between the two arms of the pillow and feel suffocation

· The U-shaped pillow is partly responsible for the frequent death of the baby. This is because this kind of pillow block the airway. Thus, don’t leave the baby alone while using the U-Shaped pillow.

Final Verdict

As you are going to spend a lot of time with your baby, you will definitely prefer to maintain the perfect nursery. And, the bassinet is the functional furniture to create that nursery. You may feel excited to do each task related to your baby by yourself. So, now you can easily set up a bassinet by following the given steps.

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