How to Make Diaper Bassinets: A Quick Guide

How to Make Diaper Bassinet? : Thinking of the best gift to give your friend expecting a baby? Would you like to make your own diaper bassinet? This article will show you very simple steps for making one plus other tips.

Babies will outgrow Diaper bassinets. Hence, learn how to make diaper bassinets regularly. The good news is that it isn’t as complex as it may seem, but you need sufficient time and required items.

I like going for small, portable and cozy bassinets eye-catching to the infant’s eye. But most importantly ensure whatever design you make, it is safe for the baby.

Let’s now take a look at how to make a baby bassinet out of diapers. You can replace the choice of items with better preferences in terms of color, design, material and such. But generally, this is the cue.

What you will need?

> An elastic band.
> A fabric material.
> Plastic rubber bands.
> Diapers ( the number will depend on the size of the boxes you have plus your design).
> 2 plus 1 shoe boxes just in case of a mistake.
> A hot glue gun.

Step 1

Get your three boxes ready, preferably clean shoe boxes. Ensure they are stable for a firm basinet. You can keep one on standby just in case you might need to replace either of the two you are going to use.

Position one shoe box on a flat base and take another box, place it inside one endpoint of the box at the base.

Step 2

Roll the open end of each diaper inwards, until you realized tight rolls of your required number. It is better you make at this stage enough pieces to avoid wasting time again making some later, to move on with the project swiftly

For the sake of achieving your preferred level of thickness of the diaper bassinet, you will need at this point to round up some pieces of diapers on the box.

Step 3 (using a ribbon or rubber band)

Tie around the box a long ribbon to help you insert the diapers specifically in between the ribbon and the box. This will keep all the diapers come together firmly into contact with each other and the box.

Remember, with your closed diaper roll, always stand vertically and attach them one by one to the sides of the bassinet, position steadily the top diapers inside the folds and cover them with rolled diapers.

Repeat this procedure all-round the box while tying them with your ribbon or rubber bands of the color of your taste.

If you are using rubber bands, this would keep the rolls tightly placed in the box too. You can take another rubber band and tie it around the whole box to keep it in place for the diapers to remain in position.

It is important while you will be working on the final push. I would suggest you keep colors of your ribbons and bands attractive and eye-catching to the little ones.

In case you have extra diapers remaining, place them in the third box, you will need them in the next step.

Step 4

Take your rolled diapers you placed with the unrolled ones in the third box, pace them beneath the upper part of your diaper bassinet and round them out, just like you did with the sides.

Step 5

At this stage, this is where you can go decorative as you may wish but don’t overdo it. Add some flowers by attaching them, using a tape, to the diaper bassinet for that attractive look. This will be great more especially if the little one is a baby girl.

At this point you can add some soft cotton swabs, to keep the inside as soft as possible, just under the owl of your design while leaving to the outside the outlet plug.

Take your larger sized third box and a fix it at the bottom of the bassinet to help hold it not only stable but also together.

If you prefer, you can take some beautiful ribbon of your choice and tied it at the back (supposed head) side of your bassinet and a different complementary color at the bottom to help again keep the whole setup tight together. Your diaper bassinet at this point should be completed.

Other aspects to keep at your fingertips

> Remember, like I said, you can adjust to any kind of material that fits your taste but ensure everything is safe, smells good and is safe for the baby.

> Follow every step keenly before you proceed to the next.

> The baby won’t be using the diaper bassinet for too long. Therefore, if you can use materials that will serve for the short term, that will appropriate.

> Don’t be tempted to use your bassinet for too long. This is for safety reasons as cleaning might be ambiguous and time-consuming. You can equally opt to design another one for any other use conveniently at your own pleasure.

> Avoid adding any items on the diaper bassinet that might pose a risk to the baby. Additionally, don’t use materials that are likely to let loose of the diaper bassinet tightening. Ensure the ribbons you use are strong and won’t cut off unexpectedly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I make a diaper bassinet on my own?

A: Diaper bassinets are fairly simple to make. All you need are diapers, rubber bands, cardboards, clear tape, washcloth and ribbons. These are readily available materials. You can’t miss them at home or in your nearest retail store.

Q: What are some decorative ideas for a diaper bassinet?

A: You can use a ribbon, a very colorful washcloth, colored/decorated diapers if you can find some, jumbo ric rac and many more.

Q: How do I make a unique diaper bassinet?

A: You can make one to look like a stroller by adding wheels to it. Also you can make one that looks like a chair. You’ll have to stack the diapers for this type.

Alternatively, you can roll the diapers to look like tiny towels. Instead of using a rubber band, you can secure them with a ribbon. You can also add a tutu after you’re done making one. 

You can also add colored tissue paper in between the diapers for more color. Be creative about it.

Final Words

Diaper bassinets can be memorable gifts to give out as presents or even complement your whole plans. Alternatively, you can make a bassinet to serve as your decorative piece for the gift table. You can always make any size or design you may wish and with regular practice, you could make your skills perfected for even better crafts. Keep the diaper bassinet always in a safe place, free of contamination.

How about upcoming futures treat for your baby or a friend’s? It doesn’t have to expensive either. Remember, keep it memorable.

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