Graco Dream Suite Bassinet Reviews: Say Goodbye to Old Bassinets

Graco Dream Suite Bassinet Reviews: In today's discussion, I am going to analysis a exceptional bassinet which is both reversible and changer. The awesome features of the bassinets will allow your baby to have a sound sleep. Without any further delay let's start the final discussion. 

Graco Dream Suite Bassinet, Mason, One Size

Graco Dream Suite Bassinet Reviews : Features & Benefits

The Graco Dream Suite Bassinet is called the “Complete Bedside Care Center” as it has both a bassinet and a changer, all in one. It gives you two baby care essentials which you must have in one convenient piece. Keeping baby close by for naps and overnight is now easier for this equipment.

Now parents can have a dedicated sleep as there is no need to walk up to separate place to change the diapers of the baby. The changing space for baby conveniently located in their room. The small footprint makes this an easy addition to your bedroom. For the record, it takes up minimal space.

Extended Use Diaper Changer

The equipment was designed as convenient as possible for both the babies and the parents. A baby needs diaper changes multiple times a day. You just have to flip the Dream Suite bassinet over to reveal the extended use changer. It can comfortably hold up to 30 Pounds. It is suitable for babies under 15 Pounds. The surface of the changer is easily wiped off, making any mess manageable.

Push-Button Lock

Flipping the bassinet over to reveal the diaper changer is possible with just a push of a button. Flipping it from bassinet mode to changer can be done with just one hand. However, for flipping it from changer to bassinet, two hands are required as you need to squeeze the lever and push the safety button at the same time.

Integrated Storage

Convenient roomy storage basket situated at the base of the bassinet allows for essentials to be close at hand for quick changes. The integrated storage can be used up to 30 Pounds, even after baby no longer sleeps in the bassinet. However, the storage bins at the bottom need some extra support for strengthening up.

Mesh Side Walls

This is basically a safety design so that mother cannot roll onto baby and baby cannot roll into mother's path. The mesh side panels also provide maximum breath ability preventing any kind of suffocation to the baby. 

Locking wheels

The bassinet has four wheels which can be locked. The wheels make the bassinet easy to move and keep baby close by. It can be effortlessly maneuvered throughout the home allowing baby to be wherever you are.

Baby Soothing System

The Graco Dream Suite Bassinet comes with a soothing system with two speeds of vibration to choose from. The right setting to soothe baby can be easily found from the system.

The Canopy

The canopy included in the bassinet blocks light and offers a smooth shade from the light which helps the baby with sleeping.

Soft Toys

There are 2 soft toys at the top of the bassinet which give baby a focal point of entertainment for playtime.

Mason Fashion

This style bridges the gap between baby and Mother fashion. Varying sizes of circles lend a playful vibe to this stylish Mason fashion. The neutral tones of grays, greens and browns create an atmosphere which is relaxing for baby. It is also stylish for your décor.

Stability and Adjustability

It has a weight of about 18 Pounds. It is lightweight, yet quite sturdy. The bassinet and changer seems to be well made for newborn baby. This product is solidly built with sturdy metal legs along with casters for easy mobility.


This is very easy to put together. No screws or tools are needed to assemble the equipment. It generally takes about 20 minutes to set up by anyone.

Age of the Baby

This Graco Dream Suite Bassinet is recommended for babies up to three months of age until they begin to push up on hands and knees. The developmental needs of the baby have to be understood carefully.


It is much smaller than the other baby furniture. However, it is appropriately sized for a newborn. Thus the smaller size comes in handy for portability.

Care and Maintenance

The mattress cover of the Graco Dream Suite Bassinet is removable and machine washable. For proper cleaning, check the label on the mattress cover. The changing surface and other fabrics are wipe able with a damp cloth. You should use only household soap and warm water to clean the bassinet frame, without any bleach or detergent.

So all all these analysis and comparison among the features, usefulness and design are complete. Now in a nutshell we can conclude the graco dream suite bassinet reviews with the following pros & cons table. Additionally, I'd like welcome you to another piece of writing where I made a list of some great bassinets.

  • Reversible Bassinet and Diaper Changer.
  • Integrated Storage.
  • Awesome Baby Soothing System.
  • Mesh Side walls allows visibility and prevent suffocation.
  • Easy to Assemble.
  • Locking of the Wheels.
  • Included with Canopy and Toys.
  • Not suitable for babies over 15 Pounds


After reading the graco dream suite bassinet reviews, I guess you understand why the this is cute, cozy and stylish bassinet that seems to be gender neutral. Maintaining all international health rules, this bassinet is working very fine with different environment. It is simple, yet elegant and not super "baby-ish" somehow. Among all the other equipment for the care of the newborn babies, this one stood out for its sheer elegance, classic design and many of its useful features.

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