BabyBjorn Cradle Review & Using Tips for New Moms

The beginning months of having a baby to your life are not only beautiful but also tough as you try to get used to all the new changes. In these early months of life, your newborn often alternates between wakefulness and short periods of sleep. This BabyBjorn Cradle Review will let you know about the suitability of the product for your baby particularly in this period of time.

The brand has a great reputation for being highly convenient and useful among the parents. Like most other products of BabyBjorn, this modern looking cradle is quite eye pleasing with its simple design.

BabyBjorn Cradle Review : Features and Benefits

Spring Suspension System

With this specialized system, the cradle rocks smoothly in all directions and never gets stuck in any position. The soft and gentle rocking motion will calm your baby and help to fall asleep faster. Furthermore, You can let your baby’s movement gently move the cradle back and forth. In addition, you can also rock the cradle yourself without much effort. Finally, you can rock it with slight push of your hand and feet. Besides, a mother can rock this cradle just by the movement of your finger whenever you are feeling tired. The soft music played along also helps to lull your little one to sleep peacefully.


The product weight 13 Pounds making it quite lightweight. It can be easily moved from room to room of your house. Furthermore, it can be carried away to any room of the house. You can always keep your baby close with BabyBjorn cradle as the cradle is easy to move anywhere in your home.

Durable Foot Grips

This feature of the product is unique which keep the cradle steady. It prevents the base of the cradle from damaging your floor.

Easy Storage

The BabyBjorn cradle can be folded into very small size proving it to be compact and easy to store. You can just fold down the cradle after using it and then store it at any corner of the house. It takes a small space for storage.

Safe Tested Material

The metal material frame of the cradle is completely safe and free from health hazardous agents. The fabrics used are Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1 approved, an international safety standard for textiles. The cover fabrics are completely harmless to your baby’s delicate skin and to taste and chew. Somehow, the product meets safety standards of both Europe and America.

Transparent Mesh Fabric Wall

The soft mesh side panels basically provide maximum breathability and prevent any kind of suffocation to your baby. The sides are entirely constructed by fabrics which allow good air circulation. The transparent walls ensure that your baby does not feel confined. It also lets you to keep an eye on your infant for secure supervision. You can monitor your baby easily and soothe quickly whenever it’s needed. It has no bars or loose parts in the side wall to trap the tiny hands and feet.

Height Adjustability

The BabyBjorn cradle can be lined up perfectly next to your bed and leveled with it. You can reach in easily and comfort your baby using this bassinet. Generally, the cradle rests pretty low to the ground. That's why, you can watch the baby for monitoring while you are engaged in other chores. The height adjust-ability feature allows you to keep your baby just next to your bed while sleeping at night.

Stable Structure

The metal framed structure of the cradle weight 18 Pounds. This lightweight, yet sturdy equipment is well made. The product is solidly built with sturdy metal which gives it a stable structure.

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This equipment is very easy to put together. It contains 2 screws and 1 Allen Key which is supplied with the product. The instruction is quite helpful and facile to follow. It generally takes less than 15 minutes to set up by anyone.

Suitability of the Baby

This cradle is perfect for babies up to 6 months of age or, for babies who weight more than 7 Pounds but less than 18 Pounds. You can utilize it until they can sit up, kneel and stand unaided.

Care and Maintenance

The cradle fabric and waterproof mattress cover of the BayBjorn cradle is removable. You can simply unzip the cover and remove for cleaning. They can be washed on gentle cycle in the machine. For best result, you should allow them to air-dry before you reassemble them. Check the label on the mattress cover for proper cleaning.


There are some accessories by the same brand which you can add to the cradle to make it even more cozy and snug for your little one.

BabyBjorn Fitted Sheet

This machine washable sheet is made with super-soft organic cotton fabric. Additionally, it is free from hazardous substances.

BabyBjorn Canopy for Cradle

The sheer mesh fabric canopy softens ambient light for a comforting atmosphere which helps your baby to sleep peacefully and undisturbed. It is easy to attach and also easy to remove for washing.

After all of these analysis of the features and usefulness of the product, we can conclude the BabyBjorn Cradle reviews with the following pros & cons table.

  • check
    Gently rock with soft music.
  • check
    Portability due to lightweight.
  • check
    Compact and easily stored.
  • check
    Durable foot grips.
  • check
    Transparent mesh fabric wall.
  • check
    Adjustable height.
  • check
    Safe and tested material.
  • Not suitable after the age of 6 months.
  • Canopy has to be added separately.

After having this bassinet please consider to read this user guide.


In this BabyBjorn Cradle review, we can see the BabyBjorn Cradle is an ideal place for your sleeping baby with its great quality and solid construction. This cradle can be another beautiful addition at your home along with the precious new member of your family. This gender neutral cradle is highly comfortable. Besides, manufacturers designed it with many unique features to keep your baby safe while sleeping or awake.

Now, with this product, your baby can have nap time anytime and with full assurance of the safety. Though it supports a gentle motion, yet no battery is necessary for any of the functions. This cradle is definitely worth your money.


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