Baby Jogger City Select Bassinet Reviews

Baby Jogger City Select Bassinet Review: Very young babies need more time to sleep. Generally they spent most of the time of the day sleeping. In the first few months of life of the babies, they cannot sleep peacefully unless it gets completely comfortable. They get irritated very easily.

On the other hand, parents have to take care of their own chores too. So I have done a deep research on it and short-listed some bassinets based on their usefulness, popularity etc. Apart of that list, baby jogger city select bassinet could be a superb selection for your baby sleep as it is useful and highly portable. Let's look at the city select reviews in detail!

Baby Jogger City Select Bassinet Kit

Baby Jogger City Select Bassinet Review : Features & Benefits

Converts Single Seat and Canopy into a Bassinet

The Bassinet Kit contains a plush fabric and support brackets that help you convert it to a bassinet. In few simple steps City Select’s single seat can be converted into a bassinet. At first you have to simply remove the fabric seat of the stroller and snap the bassinet fabric onto the same frame. Bassinet can be used in double capacity mode too. For that function, you can purchase extra seat.

Compatible with City Select Stroller

This bassinet is a great addition to your stroller. Your baby can lay flat and feel warm when strolling outside. It is compatible only with city select and requires a city select seat to complete the conversion.This is extremely adaptable with 16 possible seating combinations and configuration, easy to use hand brake with room for one or two children together. 

The stroller contains 12 inch forever-air rear wheels and 8 inch lightweight front wheels with front wheel suspension and sealed ball bearings which support the comfortable sleep of the children in the basket while moving anywhere.

Padded Carrying Handles

Padded carrying handles of the Baby Jogger City Select Bassinet make it easy and comfortable for you to move your baby while in the bassinet. Each side of the bassinet has cloth handles. It is easy to move your little one from the unit to the floor without waking them up.

Strapping your newborn into strollers or letting them spend more time in a seat system is not good for their small bodies. This bassinet provides an alternative to the current travel systems to keep your baby comfortable. It is one of healthiest options for baby posture.


With this bassinet, it is really easy to attach or detach and carry it places, outings, trips or in parties. When you get home, the unique design allows you to just unclick and place the bassinets inside without waking up your babies. However, it is not intended for overnight sleeping.

Ease of Use

Every parent wants to have baby products that are easy to use. This is exactly what you get from this bassinet. You can easily carry your baby when walking and you can also use it conveniently on the stroller. It is simple to attach and remove so you will not have any problems. If your baby sleeps, the bassinet allows you to carry him inside when still sleeping.

Foot Apron

Foot apron protects your newborn from the different rays which comes directly from the sun. It also protects from harmful chemicals, fumes or elements of the environment.

Bassinet Apron

Bassinet apron protects baby from the element from which the bassinet is made or contaminated. Baby joggers city select bassinet is completely made of lead free material.

Contains Plush Fabric

The bassinet contains expedite fabric which is both comfortable and elegant to look at.

Padded Mattress and Head Support Pillows

It comes with padded mattress and a set of head support pillows which fit easily. It is highly suitable for the little ones and also supports their growth. The padded mattress makes your baby feel comfortable when lying on the bassinet.


There is no original frame of the bassinet. The frame of the stroller seat has to be added to act as the basic structure. There is no hood or canopy to cover up. That is why you need to use the seat canopy. So if you get a different color bassinet, it is not likely to match.


Baby is more comfortable in the Baby Jogger City Select Bassinet while lying down because it allows kid to stretch out and sleep comfortably. It is equally comfortable even when you are moving, driving or walking. The bassinet not only looks nice but features a padding inside to keep the baby comfortable. Your little one will always fall asleep because it is warm and comfy.

Care and Maintenance

The mattress cover of the Baby Jogger City Select Bassinet is removable and machine washable. You can also do the same for the foot apron. For proper cleaning, you should check the label on the mattress cover.

Size and Weight

It is quite easy to change diapers with the flat surface and the space inside which the bassinet provides. It takes a lot of room, yet not too huge. This useful bassinet weight 5.5 Pounds itself and can carry minimum 15 Pounds, up to 33 Pounds. However, the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller, which can be converted into Baby Jogger City Select bassinet, can carry children up to 45 Pounds per seat.

Age of the Baby

This is a unisex bassinet that is recommended for babies up to six months of age. The use should be discontinued in order to concentrate on the developmental needs of the growing baby.The bassinet is infant approved and helps them sleep comfortably without being constricted in the car seat.

Quality Construction

Unlike other bassinets that you will find, this model is designed to last. It is designed with a durable material that is safe for the baby because it is lead-free.

After all these analysis and comparison among the features, usefulness and design in a nutshell we can conclude the city select Baby Jogger reviews with the following table.

  • Converts Single Seat and Canopy into a Bassinet.
  • Easily portable.
  • Contains Foot apron and Bassinet apron.
  • Contains padded carrying handles and mattress
  • No battery is required.
  • Comfortable sleeping and changing accommodation.
  • Not suitable after the age of 6 months.


I believe that this city select reviews can be mentioned as an ideal sleep solution for the newborns to any concerned parent. The conversion capacity, portability and classic design undoubtedly make this bassinet a unique one. Though it seems to be a bit pricey, it is immensely useful. The cozy and stylish bassinet is also known to be gender neutral.

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