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This is Margaret, mother of Todd and Jeni. Since conceiving Todd, I have experienced a lot of things in my life for the first time.I have seen both sides of the coin while a woman gives to birth a baby. I am not talking on the physical aspect which is already known to all but the surrounding environment.

Yes! This is a big deal when you are going to be a mom or dad. You got to make the environment positive for you. The comfortable environment will help you to feel far better in that circumstance. It'll keep your mind fresh and healthy.After your baby born you have to continue the process. Then you need to make all things easy for both you and your baby. In a short line what I wanted to mean is, the goods you and your baby will use in the daily life, should be carefully chosen. you can't just buy a random dress. Cause it may not be good for the sensitive baby skin. For baby sleep, you should not buy a random sleeper. You have to be more cautious to select that as a sound sleep is very very important for you newborn baby and you too! SO, like this everything that used in the daily life must be picked up with the conscious mind.

About me Momandbabylab

At the starting of my pregnancy period, I didn't know that much. Even I as not aware of those issues. But day by day I realized when my days were tough.Basically, the things went worse when Todd was born. What I bought for him some were good but some weren't.As a result, I couldn't make him much happy as a mother in some terms. If I go more elaborate, in the first couple of weeks my Tod couldn't sleep well as he needed. Neither me. I bought a sleeper from my local store for him. But after that, I found him woke up several times in the sleeping period. I met the doctor and did all possible thing to figure out the reason. The doctor said that he needs a sound sleep and that's it! So, I started to research on that. I went through many relevant books and of course internet. What I discovered is, the sleeper was the main reason! I did further research on my own and brought a bassinet according to my research. And finally I got the result and it worked like magic. My little prince started to sleep smooth. After realizing that I felt like I conquered something! That is just an example. In every part of the daily, the thing we used is very important to lead a comfortable life.

So, I never stopped my research. In fact, I went to more depth of the research. I started to collect books on child happiness. I spend a lot of time internet. I joined to local associations which are related to Mom and Baby issues. Maybe 4/5 years gone and I have my new baby jenny. This time I was an expert person to handle all thing. So everything went smooth and great!

But I have been continuing my learning and this time my goal is to spread the lesson to all. All mom and dads should know what I have learned. I don't want anyone to get through what I experienced. So, I started to work with my local community. And besides this, I launched the "Mom and Baby Lab" started to writing blog to reach to the whole nation. I have been trying to discuss all issues on the blog. Please free to knock me if you have suggestions on my site or anything.

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I believe every mom should know that how to make their life easier and keep their baby happier. Have a nice day!

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