Arm’s Reach Co Sleeper Reviews : Arm’s Reach Concepts Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper

Arm’s Reach Co Sleeper Reviews : Side by Side Discussion for New Moms 

Arm’s Reach Co Sleeper Reviews :This bassinet is something that I would want to suggest for a baby for its useful features and attractive looks. It has been proved very valuable for my child. The babies cannot sleep peacefully in full-sized adult beds in the first 3 to 4 months of their lives.

This is because their senses are still pretty much tied to the sensations they felt inside their mother’s womb for long 9 months. That is why they require specialized beds like Co sleeper. Let's dive into the review!

Arm’s Reach Co Sleeper Reviews

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Arm's Reach Co Sleeper Reviews:

Features & Benefits

360 Degree View of the Baby

Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper has an innovative design which allows maximum visibility of the baby from any area of the room. With the Co-Sleeper I can see my baby at all times. So, I can monitor my little one very easily and soothe quickly.

Built in Leg Extensions

The unique design of this baby co-sleeper has built-in leg extensions which can be adjusted with the varying heights of the bed. Some of the models require separate leg extenders.

Wheels for Mobility

The Co-Sleeper has got four castor wheels for easy mobility around the house. It is great because it has wheels on all 4 legs so I can move around the house as necessary. I can roll it into anywhere when I need to get done some chores. Also, each roller has a separate brake if I need it to be stationary.

Easy to Move Around

Being light weight equipment, some of the models function more like a Pack-and-Play. They can be folded up with a carrying case and again can be converted to a play yard.

Stable and Adjustable Base

The Arm Reach Co-Sleeper is incredibly sturdy baby furniture. The sleeper itself weights around 26 Pounds which make it quite stable. The height of the equipment can be adjusted with the varying height of the bed.


According to arm's reach co sleeper reviews, it allows me and my baby to sleep comfortably next to each other. With the free-standing bassinet, mother has to sit or stand beside the baby to watch, or to let the baby fall asleep in the arms or on the bed and then try to transfer to the bassinet.

But, Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper review enable the mother to reach over and draw the baby close for comforting, feeding and bonding while lying on the bed.


Baby is a couple inches lower than the bed, and there's a short railing on the side of the bassinet that adjoins the bed. This is a safety design so Mom can't roll onto Baby and Baby can't roll into mother's path.

The mesh side panels in all 4 sides provide maximum breath-ability preventing any kind of suffocation. There are certain safety issues that have to be understood before buying one. It is crucial to check the folding mechanisms and make sure they lock into place.

Storage Basket and Side Pockets

The sleeper includes a convenient large storage basket which is attached at the bottom and side pockets to keep baby's essentials close by.

Mattress and Pad

The sleeper includes mattress fitted sheet strap and plate. The pad is fairly thin. However, you can put more than one mattress to give more cushion.

Age of the Baby

Arm's Reach Co Sleeper is recommended for babies up to five months of age. The use should be discontinued whenever the infant shows signs of pulling up, rolling over, or pushing up to kneeling position. Developmental needs of the baby must be monitored and understood.

Small Size

It can be a Potential negative side for the product. However, it is fine in case of a small spaced room. Considering the size and weight you can check the list and choose a suitable one for your baby.

After all these analysis and comparison among the features, usefulness and design of the Arm Reach Co-Sleepre in a nutshell we can conclude the reviews with the following pros & cons table.

  • Allow 360 View of the baby.
  • Leg Extensions.
  • Wheels for mobility.
  • Easy to move around.
  • Stable, Sturdy and Adjustable base.
  • Safe and Comfortable.
  • List EleStorage Basket and Side Pockets.ment
  • Not suitable after the age of 5 months.

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The Arm Reach Co-Sleeper is attractive, yet it prioritizes function over appearance. The price reasonable enough. No battery is needed for any of the functions of the Co-sleeper. So the frequent changing of the batteries is not at all required. The Co-Sleeper is indeed the ideal sleep solution for any concerned parent.


  1. Looks like a helpful review. But I am worried about the mattress and pad. Is that really comfortable? I am not sure if mattresses should be changed after certain days. If so can you please let me know about suitable and good match mattresses? Thank you so much.

    Best Regards.

    • Hi Nina, Yes! The mattress is fine. You can go ahead if you like to buy this bassinet. I’ll definitely write some reviews on mattresses very soon. Stay close.Have a nice day and Thanks!

  2. Hello! I have purchased one of those for my baby. The best thing is, it is small and lightweight, perfect for carrying. You can fold it and carry anywhere. Reversible bassinet and diaper change, baby comfort zone, the suitable system made me buy it. It is small in size and only suitable for up to 3 months and 15 lbs. So, whoever purchase one should keep that in mind. Also, it will be helpful if you can please guide us to next level (after 5 months or so)?
    Thanks in Advance.

    • Hi Mimo! Glad to know you liked it. For the further time, you can use cribs. You’ll be happy to know that I am gonna write reviews on cribs as well. Keep in touch. Thank You!


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